Front Door Painted from only £65

Brightly painted front doors are in with the in crowd and keep the property blues at bay!

If you can't sell your house, don't seek comfort in a new conservatory or fitted kitchen - just paint your front door. But not just any colour. Since the credit crunch, bright red is the most fashionable shade, according to a poll by Sandtex, the paint manufacturer.

Painting your front door is an easy way to give your house a new look and with prices starting from £65, it needn't cost a lot. It's the easiest of makeovers. Why not pick pumpkin or plum or cinnabar and make an unforgettable first impression?


Newly _painted _hardwood _front _doors


We have a fantastic special offer to repaint your front door from only £65 depending on size, colour and condition.


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Garage Doors from £90

As a special offer, we will paint your garage door from £90, depending upon the size, condition and colour choice.


Front Doors from £65

We will rejuvenate your front door and make it look like brand new from only £65!


Carpet Cleaning

Once you have had your rooms painted and decorated, why not take advantage of our carpet cleaning service to add that special finishing touch!