Special Offers

We appreciate that your house and/or home is most probably the biggest single investment you have made and you want to keep that investment safe and looking at its best.  That means keeping on top of the painting and decorating.

We have designed some special offers to help assist you keeping your house / home looking at its best, whilst at the same time considering your pocket!

We hope from this simple introduction to us, you will see the quality of our work and ask us to visit again and quote for any further painting and decorating projects you are anticipating.


Garage Doors from £90

As a special offer, we will paint your garage door from £90, depending upon the size, condition and colour choice.


Front Doors from £65

We will rejuvenate your front door and make it look like brand new from only £65!


Carpet Cleaning

Once you have had your rooms painted and decorated, why not take advantage of our carpet cleaning service to add that special finishing touch!