Exterior Decoration Projects - Domestic

1.  Having recently purchased this house, the new owner required a facelift, as the original exterior painting had become faded and in need of repair and decoration.

The loose and flaking paint was removed, the walls washed, treated and prepared.


East _kent _decorators _cheriton _house _front _before _thumb

The customer chose colours from the Dulux range.

Dulux Buckingham green gloss was chosen for the woodwork and guttering.

The masonry paints were Dulux Gardenia for the pebble dash rendering and lintels with Dulux White for the internal of the porch.


The areas not to be painted were protected with masking / sheeting, to ensure sharp edges and a quality finish. All furniture removed for protection.

 East _kent _decorators _cheriton _house _front _after



2.  This house was in a good state of repair and only required a 'freshen up'.  The customer chose colours from the Dulux range for the decoration.  The masonry paints were magnolia and brilliant white.  The glosses were trade brilliant white and black.

East_Kent_Decorators_51 Stanley Road_Painted_Front View



3.  The Tudor effect, porch and soffits on this Hawkinge detached house had become very weather worn and tired.  The customer required a repaint to give the property a fresh look.  The colours were varied slightly from the original, to give the house a warmer look. 

Great care was taken to keep the stain and masonry paint joints sharp and clean.

Sandtex smooth magnolia was used for the masonry and Ronseal 'Rosewood' satin stain for the woodwork.

East_Kent_Decorators_Tudor Effect_at_Hawlinke



4.  This house had not been painted for many years.  In fact the original pebble dash had never been painted since construction in the 1930's.  The wall was washed and treated.  The customer chose colours from the Dulux range for the decoration.  The masonry paint was soft truffle and the gloss trade brilliant white.

Front View



5.  The front of this Biddenden bungalow was wooden clad.  It had been painted a couple of years ago, but the paint had become tired looking and had started to peel.  The original colours were followed as closely as possible and Dulux Weathershield paints were used.  The rainwater goods, fixtures and decorations were removed prior to painting and then replaced on completion.


East_Kent_Decorators_Biddenden_Top Coat



6.  This Folkestone property had not been painted for many years.  The majority of the sash windows had previously been sealed closed with paint and much of the woodwork was bare and had started to rot.

The owner decided to have the property completely decorated and chose colours from the Dulux Weathershield range.

The rear kitchen window had been replaced with a modern framed window, which would be replaced with a new purpose-built sash window (built and fitted by The Victorian Sash Window Company).  The rest of the sash windows, sills and surrounds around the house required a lot of  renovation work.

The windows were stripped back to bare wood, rotted areas treated, filled, new putty applied (and in some cases new glass), primed, undercoated and then glossed.

The rendering was washed, scraped and filled, before the walls were treated and painted.

East_Kent_Decoraors_Averenge Road_front

East_Kent_Decoraors_Averenge Road_side1     East_Kent_Decoraors_Averenge Road_side2




7.  This Folkestone property had been regularly maintained.  The owners wished the deep pebble-dash exterior to be painted with brushes.

The owners decided to have the exterior of the property completely decorated.

The chimneys were treated to remove all dirt and growth, then painted.  The walls were scraped, filled, cleaned and then pained.  The front door was stripped back, stained and 3 coats of clear varnish applied.

The owners chose;

Sandtex beige for the pebble-dash with grey for the plinth. and

Dulux Sea Swirls gloss for the garage door, guttering.

EKD_Front Of House _before Decoration

EKD_Front Of House _after Decoration



8.  A Spring 2015 project.

This Hawkinge home was in need of an exterior decoration.
We treated, filled cracks and prepared the outside walls. Prepared the woodwork and then painted and stained.
Sandtex Trade fungicide wash was used to remove the organic growth and spores. Sandtex Trade exterior masonry filler was used, which was finished with a brush to give it a similar texture to the rendered walls.
The walls were painted with Dulux Weathershield Ash White. The woodwork was stained with Sadolin, Dark Palisander.

Front Preparation Side preparation Rear preparation


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