One Year Warranty

The warranty is for a period of one year (12 months or 364 days) from the completion of the work. East Kent Decorators Ltd warrants against peeling and blistering due to defective workmanship. This warranty is not transferable.

The warranty will be effective if, and only if, the customer:

  1. Pays East Kent Decorators Ltd in full;
  2. Retains the original contract.

If these conditions are met, East Kent Decorators Ltd will perform repairs with no labour charge. East Kent Decorators Ltd will perform repairs only for the original customer, will repair only areas where peeling and blistering has occurred and will not exceed repairs mentioned on original estimate sheet.

Areas not warranted:

  • Any horizontal surface;
  • Cracks in plaster and or drywall;
  • Paint supplied by customer;
  • Galvanized metal;
  • Bleeding knots;
  • Moisture damage, rust;
  • Exterior varnished surfaces;
  • Peeling of previous paint layers.

The warranty does not include:

  • Cracks or tape tears due to a shifting building;
  • Paint cost;
  • Matching of the paint (the paint can be matched closely but a match cannot be guaranteed);
  • Mildew - caused by moisture accumulation;
  • Rotten wood, or rusted or disintegrating metals.

Garage Doors from £90

As a special offer, we will paint your garage door from £90, depending upon the size, condition and colour choice.


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Carpet Cleaning

Once you have had your rooms painted and decorated, why not take advantage of our carpet cleaning service to add that special finishing touch!