Interior Painting & Decorating

The way your home, office or workplace interior looks can have a great impact on your lifestyle. Fresh and clean paintwork can brighten a house, office or workplace, or create a desired mood and getting the job done right is critical to achieving that.


Planning your Interior paint or decorating project

We sit down with you and discuss the best colours and finishes that suit you and the premises. We can advise on your choice of colours, based on our knowledge and experience, and assist you through the colour selection process.

Alternately, you may have already consulted an interior designer, which is OK too; we'll work from their plan.


Expert Preparation makes for a Quality project

We go to great lengths to ensure that your home, office or workplace interior is ready for painting, from sanding and filling to wallpaper removal as well as removal of flaky, bubbling and loose material. This ensures the surface to be painted is in the best possible condition for paint adhesion and therefore a lasting, professional looking finish. Time spent on preparation is never wasted.

We also cover and mask areas and items not to be painted and keep the paint where it should be, on the areas to be painted or in the tin!


Our Quality interior house painting and decorating & commercial painting process includes;

  • When we first visit to assess, advise or complete our estimate, we will remove our shoes or wear overshoes to protect your property (residential properties).
  • Cover or move furniture, floors and equipment, with masking, poly sheeting and / or dust sheets, to create a clean, safe working environment.
  • Fully prepare all surfaces, caulk all wood trim, fill holes, rake out all cracks and re-fill.
  • Sand all wood trim and clean down before painting.
  • Remove or mask hardware.
  • Spot prime raw and rusted surfaces using the appropriate primer.
  • Undercoat — One coat of undercoat on every wooden surface.
  • Paint — Only top quality products for a superior look and long-lasting, custom painting finish.
  • Finish — Keep corners sharp, lines straight, decorative painting meticulously detailed.
  • Tidy and vacuum at the end of each day.


We combine a systematic approach and a meticulous attention to detail to deliver the beautiful, long-lasting, custom painting and decorating results you expect. It may take a bit longer and cost a bit more, but we've learned that this strict attention to process, quality and craftsmanship results in fine quality finishes that you can be proud of to protect your home or work space for years to come.

Garage Doors from £90

As a special offer, we will paint your garage door from £90, depending upon the size, condition and colour choice.


Front Doors from £65

We will rejuvenate your front door and make it look like brand new from only £65!


Carpet Cleaning

Once you have had your rooms painted and decorated, why not take advantage of our carpet cleaning service to add that special finishing touch!