Some owners / residents / occupants choose to tackle the painting and decorating themselves, believing this will save money.  But this is not always the best, or most cost efficient, method. 

Trying to fit this additional ‘chore’ into your fully booked lifestyle, can make a re-decoration project that should only take a few days last a lot longer.  We’ve all seen the television ‘make over’ shows where weeks or even months after commencing, the residential project is only partially finished. 

Commercial premises can also pose problems, in that staff used for re-decoration cannot also perform their usual daily routines and thereby affect your profit / production.

If paint smells concern you, do not worry.  We can use environmentally friendly, low odour water based paints.  Water based paints are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) when compared to traditional solvent based paints.

Only quality paints and materials are used throughout the project to ensure the best possible result and appearance for you.

East Kent Decorators operate a 'No Smoking' policy while in our client’s property.


Rental Properties and Sale Preparation

We have been asked to provide our high quality painting skills to property investors, landlords and tenants to get the property looking great for sale or getting the property returned to best condition for the next tenant. We are quick and clean, which takes the pressure off the owner/occupier.


Choosing a colour

Finding the right colour(s) for your painting and decorating can seem to be a daunting task. 

Click on any of the below links to view some of the highest quality interior paints;

Dulux,    Crown,    Albany Trade,    Albany Traditions,    Johnstone’s,   

Farrow & Ball,    Leyland,    Valspar,


Click on any of the below links to view some of the highest quality exterior paints;

Dulux Weathershield,    Crown Stronghold,    Albany Smooth Masonry,   

Johnstone's StormshieldLeyland Truguard,  Sandtex TradeSadolin



When we first visit we can also give you colour cards to view.


'Trade' Quality Paint Explained

Using quality paint is the first step to producing a quality job, something every decorator knows.  

Customers often ask why a trade quality paint differs to the DIY version.  Below is a brief reference guide to explain.

Superior Ingredients

First and foremost, the formulation of trade paints is generally superior.  Combining higher grade ingredients such as titanium dioxide (white pigment) and colourants (used for tinting) than DIY paints.

They can also include specialist ingredients such as zinc phosphate or red oxide to provide additional superior properties, including anti-corrosion, not readily found in DIY paints.

Superior Performance

Superior ingredients mean superior results, opacity being one of them and coverage being another.  The higher opacity of trade paints means less chance of the substrate grinning through whilst the improved coverage results in the paint going further.

In addition, the paint job’s life is extended as trade quality paints will usually hold their colour and wear better than DIY paints.


The experience and knowledge held by qualified decorators mean they are able to judge each job’s unique situation and advise their clients which paints are most suitable.  They are able to adjust paint consistency to take factors such as substrate type, porosity and drying conditions into account.

Controlling these paints takes the skill and tools of a trained decorator who will achieve the absolute best results and exploit the full potential of the paints capability.


The combination of all of the above means a superior quality finish.




Choosing a wallpaper

There are numerous wallpaper manufacturers.  It is better that you visit your local retailer and make a selection from their books.

However, as a taster, click on the links below;

Farrow & Ball (up to 5 free A4 samples per customer),  Cole & Son

Sanderson, Laura AshleyHarlequinNorwall,


There are many variables to consider when calculating the wallpaper required to decorate your room (or rooms).  Your supplier or decorator should be left to calculate this for you.  However, if you do decide to decorate yourself, the following link may be of use;

Wall paper calculator


Our products have been designed around you, our customers.  From our 'Magic Painter' service to give you that peace of mind during painting / decoration operation, through the carpet cleaning, to add that special finishing touch to your newly painted / decorated area, and ending with our 1 year warranty to give you the confidence in our work.



Garage Doors from £90

As a special offer, we will paint your garage door from £90, depending upon the size, condition and colour choice.


Front Doors from £65

We will rejuvenate your front door and make it look like brand new from only £65!


Carpet Cleaning

Once you have had your rooms painted and decorated, why not take advantage of our carpet cleaning service to add that special finishing touch!